dimanche 29 avril 2012

Interview with Electric Empire (English Edition)

Hailing from Australia, Electric Empire sounds like an unreleased act from the 70s Motown. Guitarist Dennis Dowlut answers here few questions…

I have an hunch that tells me that you must have an hell of a record collection from the 70s Motown. True ?
Dennis Dowlut (guitar) : I used to have a record collection but I have it all on my Laptop now. Lots of Motown and Soul from the 60’s and 70’s.

When it comes to groove, bass is usually important. Electric Empire is not using one. Why ?
DD : We do have a bass player that performs with us in the live shows, Electric Empire started as a three piece.On stage we are four.

If i tell you that your album sounds like an unreleased Motown one, what would you say?
DD : I’d feel flattered , because the intention of the album was to write and produce songs that could have been released around the golden days of Motown. We are really happy with this Album.

The band is doing well in the UK. What about the US ?
DD : Our focus is on the UK and rest of Europe at the moment. We feel that we should work each territory at a time. I think that once the band is successful in other territories, the US follows. 

Do you used a lot of vintage equipment (keyboards especially) ? Where do you find those ? Are you instruments geeks ?
DD : I wouldn’t say that we are instrument geeks, but we do use a lot of vintage gear, wurli’s, Rhodes, clavs and Moogs on the record. 

Dennis, who are your favourites guitar players ?
DD : I really love Robert Willie White who was the guitarist for the Funk Brothers, the in house Motown Band. Stylistically I’m more rhythm so I love his approach in creating hooks and melody in his playing.

Some critics might say that the album doesn’t sound like anything we haven’t heard before. What would you say to them ?
DD : We’re proud that the album doesn’t really sound like anything being created at the moment but we are always being compared to Motown also.Each person critic or not is entitled to their opinion, we are a band just doing what we love, that’s all that counts.

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