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An interview with Elliott Murphy (english edition)

Songwritng legend from Long Island, Elliott Murphy has recorded in first album « Aquashow » back in 1973. Elliott has been living in France since 1989. He discusses here France, The States, his latest album (produced by his son Gaspard) and his great pal Bruce Springsteen…

1) Do you remember the day you fell in love with music ?

Yes, when I heard Runaround Sue by Dion in 1961. I played it so many times I wore out the record.

2) Who were your early inspirations ?

The Kingston Trio, The Beach Boys, and of course Elvis Presley.

3) Do you remember how New York was back in those days ?

It was like Brooklyn is today! Lots of bands and lots of places to play. A very exciting time.

4) Tell us about Greenwich Village and the folk scene !!!!

There were many little coffee shop cafes where people performed all night long. Everyone wore pea-coats.

5) You also lived in San Francisco right ? How was San Francisco in the 60s/70s ?

I was there in 1971 so the Hippie scene was over. But still there was a very free vibe to the city. I wrote some songs there that are on my first album Aquashow.

6) In 1989 you moved to France. Why you chose France ? Did you spoke french back then ? Was it the most challenging thing you ever did ?

I always loved France and Paris seemed like the cultural capital of Europe to me. I didn't speak much French when I arrived in 1989. The most challenging thing was getting my French citizenship.

7) What was your first thaught when you get off the plane that day ?

Actually, I had a great sense of beginning a new life when I opened the apartment door in Bastille.

8) Do you think you found some artistic renewal in France ?

The French audience has always been faithful to me for over 30 years. That inspires me!

9) Being an expatriate for so many years, what would be your definition of the word "Home" ?

Expatriates are people who are more at home when they are not at home. That's me. Right now I'm lying on a motel bed in Massachusetts and it feels perfectly natural.

10) If i tell you "You can take the man out of America but you can't take the America out of the man" what would you say ?

I would say that in my case that's not true.

11) Your latest album "Elliott Murphy" was produced by your son Gaspard (guitar player for The Dukes and Duplex). How was it to work with him ? Does it make the album even more precious to you ?

It was great to work with Gaspard because he brings 21 year old ears to my music. And of course this album is precious and that's why I put my name on it.

12) Listening to the album i had the feeling that Gaspard brought a whole new dynamic to your songs. What do you think ?

Gaspard has been living with my music since he was born so he knew actually how to make it modern and classic at the same time.

13) Is it why the album is simply call "Elliott Murphy", like we're listenning to a new you ?

I felt it was the beginning of a new era in my life, that I finally had become myself totally.

14) James Taylor seems to be an huge influence for that album...

Not really although i admire James Taylor. He has a great voice full of humility. An effortless singer.

15) One of your best friends is Bruce Springsteen. Tell us a few words about him, how he's he in real life ?

Bruce is the real thing. He's very generous and caring. And he likes good food like me. So we have a lot in common!

Thank you Elliott !!!

Extra special thanks to Laura Woody and Marie Fleur.

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