dimanche 28 mars 2010

Robert Paulmann

I guess some post are just harder to write, and there is some words you wish you would never have to say. My friend Robert Paulmann, who used to sing with the band The Gyst, passed away yesterday, on march 27, after struggling more than a year against an horrible disease. I’ve met him when i was in vacations in New York at my cousins’s place during a barbecue. That was a nice party, a great time. We started talking and we soon befriended over the music. He told me about his band and i’ve shown him this blog, on my cousin’s laptop. He couldn’t read french, so i’ve shown him some pictures from previous gigs that i’ve played. « Nice guitar ! » he told me. « And you play drums too ! I love playing drums man !! ». Boy, he really loved music. I just had to be friend with him. At that point, he already was sick and had to stop singing with the band. He told me that being up on stage and riding his motorbike was the two things he missed the most. I just wish that i had met him sooner when he was at his peak, fronting the Gyst. The party came to an end and he left the house. We promised each other to see one another next summer, have a party and drink a shot : « I’ll be cured by then, you’re more than welcome to a gig ! ». I guess this isn’t going to happen. That hurts. He was a young great person, his smile was contagious, and a good friend. Life is so unfair sometimes and i’m sorry that he never get the miracle that he deserved. I don’t know when i’ll be back in New York, but i just can’t believe that he won’t be here to welcome me… Rest In Peace Rob, you are truly missed...

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