samedi 12 mars 2011

Homer Van Der Prout, forgotten rock n’roll evil mastermind

Homer Van Der Prout was born, at age 3, on a february 31 in a back room of an Amsterdam coffee shop while his parents were smoking weed. An accomplished guitarist, he finds himself in London few years later where he taught electric guitar to both Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix who, at the time, were playing together in a plastic ukulele duo called « The Jimmies ». Homer Van Der Prout was a ghost member of the Beatles, acting behind the scene he is supposed to be the true mastermind behind the hits. Angry after being left out of the fame, a spite start growing bigger and bigger inside Van Der Prout towards John, Paul, George and Ringo who were in his own terms « his puppets ». As Van Der Prout went totally insane, he decided to destroy The Beatles by putting together a rival band he christened The Rolling Stones. He is the devil from the « Sympathy for the devil » song. « Nice to meet » were the first words Mick Jagger told him when the two met. He is the one who taught Mick Jagger how to sing. As the rivalry between The Rolling Stones and The Beatles grow bigger months after months, the latter litteraly explodes, blowing under the pressure. Van Der Prout’s evil masterplan has succeed. But Homer is breaking bad. He realized he may have destroyed the greatest band ever. All over the world fans burst into tears, all because of him. Van Der Prout feels guilty. Paranoid and insecure, Van der Prout realized the crualty of his actions. He ran away to San Francisco, in hope of finding redemption and forgivness in the midst of the summer of love. In San Francisco Van Der Prout became crazy as he’s doing hard and psychedelic drugs. He locks himself in a studio where he recorded his only solo album the ill-fated triple album « The Blue Sprout is coming after you ». 120 minutes of pure musical genius according to him. As great as the record is supposed to be, it was a total disaster, not one copy was sold. Going crazy, out of rage, Van Der Prout went through the streets of San Francisco, robbing every record store, the very ones that he held truly responsible for his decay, that came accross his way, stealing his own album in a bloody road rage. Then Van Der Prout set fire to the dozens and dozens of copies of « The Blue Sprout is coming after you » he has in his possession in the middle of the buena vista park. Watching his working vanishing up in the flames over the bay Van Der Prout saw the face of Janis Joplin, who died just few hours before, appearing totally made of smoke. Pointing her finger at Homer, the smoky Janis said those terrible words : « I have choose you baby »… Upset, Van Der Prout went even deeper into craziness. Homer checked in an hospital and after a 30 hours surergical procedure Van Der Prout has changed his voice to sound like Janis Joplin. Homer has decided that from now on he will honored Janis’s memory by singing her songs, imitating her voice, all over the world… Nobody really knew what became of Homer Van Der Prout after he left the hospital. Most likely he his now homeless in Paris. He has been arrested several times asleep on Jim Morrisson’s grave (he calls Morrisson «his blood brother »). He’s playing folk guitar in Paris’s subway singing songs from Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Nick Drake, Elliott Murphy and Bruce Springsteen. Also, he is a devoted Marie Fleur fan. Every Monday he strats his week of gigs in the Paris subway by singing « From Monday on »…

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